OHNO (2)

EA was fun, fun, fun.

BB12 was fantabulous.

But I’m so shagged, and my batt’s running low.

Can’t believe what I did today but, forget that.

Charlotte, Jac, Yuting and I are gonna get the uni’s tomorrow {:

Yay for OG!

Ja, ne.



4 thoughts on “OHNO (2)

  1. HOW! IS! RJ! IS! IT! FUN! i bet it is. hahahahaha!!! anyway i finish like at 5pm every single day except friday 9pm HAHAHA maybe we meet next week after school!!! find one day where we end not so late 🙂 what you taking, BCME???

  2. hahaha i’m fine with anywhere but have to see how the timetable’s like first though, not sure what’s the average time lessons will end… i’ll let you know 🙂

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