ROY: “Patience lah, my friend!”

AHHH! Vanessa’s letter ‘N’ has been on my desk the whole time!! I forgot to bring it }: But nevermind, the OGL’s liked it all the same.

Unbelievable. It’s the last day of O’tiero. Too much candy gna rot your soul, haih. }:

Just five days ago I walked into RJ a lost soul without the slightest knowledge of my OG and house. Now it’s the toughest to have to be apart from people you have identified as the very first friends you make in a completely new environment, after having to see them five days straight.

RLY MISS YOU: O’hnowe’verunoutofOGnames!

Hope those taking BCME gets into the same class! But I won’t be together with Bel }:

Take5 today was so fun! The weather was fine for doing lotsa stuff! We played on Charlotte’s web in the morning and the girls officially started camwhoring, with Dylan the gay!! We laid out mats and gathered at the big tent for assembly, college anthem and lion dance. I like RI’s college anthem. But it still can’t beat SN’s. {:

Speaking of which, Bel and I couldn’t bring ourselves to accept the fact that we’re now cheering for Rafflesians when we used to dislike them. Like one moment you’re on your own side and the next, you’re on an enemy’s end, too much to handle aye. Things are different now.

I suddenly feel like singing 爱我,圣尼格拉 }:

Can I don’t think of all these emo stuff now }: Somebody just count all the sad ‘smileys’ I typed.

Okay okay, on the brighter side, we went to watch Bella, Bel, Ellyn, Dylan, Hui Yao and Hongxuan do the bungee thingy! HAHAH Dylan couldn’t plant the bean bag on both tries. Then we went down to the Bouncy castle with two Hello kitties! Again, Dylan the gay played bouncy with us when none of the guys wanted to, lol. Aiya, like that then called sporting {: We damn power cos we bounce until the thing deflated, hahaha.

Then went to watch Bernard and Hongxuan play soccer on TV! Hehe. Mrs Lim got dunked in the mean time! The dunking machine was like right behind the soccer booth.

Then the girls went down to the beach, started camwhoring again and plucking grass! Bel so naughty keep aiming at my face }: We played cards but the cards kept flying cos of the sea breeze, but fun all the same.

After Take5 was all the way to Mel’s house for lunch and a frenzy of things. Haih, I felt damn helpless while trying to do everything. Didn’t seem like my survival kit was of any use, lolz. We all dressed up and made our way to sch! The guys looked damn smart while the girls were looking sweet as angels.

The best part was styling the guys’ hair into horns, hahaha. Love it man.

O’night began with Storyline. The last time we’ll see Pinnochio at full force }: Next was fashion parade! Joel and Mel looked amazing! I still think they’re the best lor haha. Then we danced the rain dance and the batch dance which speed was annoyingly being tweaked every five seconds or so. I wanted to dance a proper one }: The OGL’s put together videos and a skit for us, they mocked our schools!! lolz, nvm that.

Anyway BB came in third place tied with Idk who. But Moor took the IHC title this year. }:

The final part was the light-up of the O’tiero effigy, amazing ball of fire! haha. Took a video but my phone damn lag so it’s basically screwed. Haih. To end it all off, we sang the batch song, college anthem and the Raffles Unite cheer, Bel and I were screaming away.

We had to clear the area after that so we hung around in school to wait for Roy and camwhored some more, with the guys, {;

Dinner was at the playground outside j8. We just sat together and played a game of Truth&Dare. Then people slowly went home and before the OGL’s came there ere only about 5 of us left. The dares by the guys were epic man, and Charlotte too! While the truths..haha.

Mum sent Yuting back to AMK and then I’m home talking to Roy, discussing about how much we miss BB12 }:

(10 sad smiley’s in one post)

I shall make a declaration here:

It makes me happier {:


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