Oh, Miss Delaney, (what happened)

I haven’t felt so resigned to my fate for a while. Today, I just let everything be because I’m dead tired to care.

Rain then rain lor.

It’s like any other bad day, but coupled with this unforgivable rain that brought a whole new colour to my shoes.

It began to pour once I left school. Umbrellas are close to useless. The bus ride back wasn’t any better. When I looked out I could only see water flushing down the sides of the bus, everything outside was just a mere blur. It hasn’t rained like this for a while. It was so bad that the roads at S’goon were flooded.

I had to slug my bags along for another walk home from the bus stop. I was barely dry from sitting under the air con before I got drenched all over again. I just sloshed through all the puddles without a care for my poor shoes. }: It was quite gross actually, come to think of it. Sand was being swept off the grassy areas and I was kinda like mucking about in that grotesque mix of soil and water.

My lecture notes are currently soggy and freaking ugly. }:

Bad days, pls stay away from me }:

Training today was alright I guess, since I was just playing along during the trials.

I kinda looked back on my life a little and realised how much I never imagined that I’d be one of them.You never really get anything that you expect. I don’t know how I should be feeling right now. I need enlightenment. But of course, I don’t want to see it as something bad.

We pray fervently for a brighter day,
but we do not pray for those who don’t even have a day to live by.

This world is so eerily shallow.


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