My first official training with RJTT today, not as bad as I had expected. Surprisingly, I had good control of the ball for most of the time. Hasn’t been that way since i-don’t-know-when, but whatever. Maintaining it seems to be the most important thing right now.

Just that don’t feel very included at the moment. Not surprising since I just came in and people like Fai had gone through the induction programme. It’s going to be tough trying to fit in but I’ll try anyway. I think it will be just about the same if I were to join some other CCA. But the girls there are really friendly, thankfully. {:

It took me a few minutes to recall that it’s still valentine’s today, but all the hype was yesterday. It wasn’t much of a hype to begin with anyway. Lunched out with Claire and Renee at Marina Sq, then we went around to look for something for me to change into since my PE shirt was soaked in sweat, and thus became rather transparent. I forgot to bring a change of clothes and the meeting was impromptu for me, so yeah. Couples with the girl holding a bouquet was at every corner of the way and Claire kept whining nonstop at our ears. Geez, I don’t think I was in the right mind when I wanted to meet her for lunch.

I told her we should celebrate our singlehood while we can. Flying solo really isn’t a bad thing.

And so I found a purple dress for thirteen @ the JohnLittle sale. Damn cheap but pretty {: We ate at Carl’s Jr then walked around for a little more before going to Peninsula Mall to get our backpacks.

I maxed out my cash today. My wallet’s damn thin now. Shit lah why Carl’s Jr so ex one…

Can’t wait for OG breakfast on mondayyyyyy!


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