No Fight.

I went bloghopping and these were what I saw; some evidence of the best V’day in Stnicks.

The atmosphere in NJ is soooooooooo much more different than the atmosphere in SN 😦 Seriously. I think all the girls who were from all-girls’ environments miss it a lot! Sigh remember the past V-days where the moment you step into school, you see a frenzy of people rushing from class to class just passing all their gifts/chocolates/notes and whatnot, and then when the prefects/councillors started chasing people down for assembly nearly everyone would be like “Wait a while more!” and continue giving out stuff. Everybody came to school with da bao xiao bao hahahah AND! When the teacher came in for the first period, whoever that would be, allllllll of them would be like “How can you all study with all the chocolates on your table?! I give you 2 minutes to clear them off your tables NOW, if not I will take the chocolates remaining on your table.” Oh mannnnnnnnnnn and some teachers would even give the whole class chocolates too (and some even let us eat them in class hee hee).

We all met back in St Nicks for Valentine’s Day and gosh, Valentine’s Day in St Nicks is a trademark. It’s one and only. Valentine’s Day anywhere else is just different, the atmosphere isn’t there. I remember the past V-days in St Nicks, by the time I got to school my desk would be filled with candies and chocolates from classmates and friends! Then during recess and after school we’ll go around searching for friends and juniors from other classes to give them stuff! Oh how I miss it!

…and I didn’t prepare any presents for friends (’cause I thought VJ wouldn’t even do this kinda things like SN would).


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