Random post.

The amount of plastic I use/get is getting creepier by the day. Almost everyday I add a plastic bag to my overflowing collection…

Blasted. I’m feeling damn shagged and sick of math already, even though I barely touch math. P&C’s are driving me nutz.

Today’s Deutsch was noisier than usual, fortunately. But my lueckentext was such a screw. Haha apparently I don’t trust my common sense? Okayyyy. Schraudolph can really infer your personality from lueckentext huh. Anyhow’s, she’s a nice teacher, maybe just a little too pro for us }:

Yours truly econs rep collected econs notes today & tallied all the $$! Good progress, woohoo!

OH YEAH, and ROY! HOPE YOU ENJOYED WHATEVER THAT WE PREPARED FOR YOU TODAY, even though it screwed up somewhere along the way, but it was hi-hi-hilarious.

❤ Y’all BB12!


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