I’m quite puzzled at how so many people have the misconception that JAE students are damn smart or something. Haha. I met Clarissa on the way home today and she agreed with me. Like, somebody happened to tell her the same thing. Seriously I don’t think we’re much of a big deal, compared to the whole hoard of them. I wonder if the IP students have seen our O Level syllabus before. And considering the fact that I tyco-ed, with exactly six one’s, is really quite precarious. In fact I’m dangling very precariously if you consider the partial six, some people couldn’t even get in. I really ought to count my lucky stars.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I’m surrounded with superly intelligent people whom I cannot match up to at all. Not really anyway. They have been educated with upper crust curriculum which is probably like ten times more enhanced then our EC’s. All I have to do is to sit and watch and I can really freak myself out.

Today’s intra-class debate has undoubtedly confirmed my fears.

I don’t mean it in an offensive way but I was just casually pondering over it.

Today’s training was rather short but okay lah. Paired with Jialei for doubles once and she was practically winning every ball for me, lolz. For me it was like, cannot return the ball then endure it lor :/ But glad to say I’ve improved {: We made the RI pair lose then coach had them do sit ups and whatnots, lol.  男生必胜, 女生输了没关系。

I’m swarmed in hell loads of stuff I should seriously find the mood for a hiatus. I’ve been blogging practically everyday now, it’s quite bad, aikes.

BTW. Debussy’s impressionism pieces(&Ravel’s) are coolshit! 😀

1) Write RMEP essay
2) Theory Homework
3) Math Tutorial
4) Read GP and Econs lecture notes/TIMES Mag
5) Send in Deutsch Aufsatz!~


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