Wow, today was friggin epic man. While trying to reach for something on the stage like a metre away, the vertically-challenged Delaney crashed into the basket of nets on the floor and screwed it up. The Embarrassment of the Century.

“Are you okay?!”
“I’m fine but the basket isn’t…”

They were all staring at me with the ‘wth’ face. I very much wanted to dig a hole in a ground and bury myself for good.


Aside from that, piano today was terribly excruciating.

My life is taking a turn for the worse. And I’m supposed to handle that.


I don’t see how it can get so bad. At least it wasn’t like the secondary school days when my life was so mundane and routine that I lost my sense of time. Now each day varies from one extreme to the other, perhaps it’s hard to keep up. Really can’t get used to this. I’m going to spend an eternity trying to adapt.

Went to buy stuff today with a few of BB12 mates, ’twas entertaining {:



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