Basket, I don’t know how to start econs essay. How! Laney, like that how?!

I was thinking about J3’s the other day, and their results. Freaking cannot tahan. I feel so stressed now.

Okay, wait, now’s totally not the time to freak. I don’t wanna become chao mugger like my sister.

I’ll just tryyy to take things in stride.

{Econs rep is doing lousily at school. Have to run in and out of LT to get notes :/ Econs rep also haven’t written her essay. Econs rep thinks she should quit as econs rep, but maybe not. Econs rep dislikes the photocopy shop auntie. Econs rep thinks her econs tutor is crazy}

Camp ended ytd. Quite slack la. Trained for 7 hours total in two days, not bad. Food was damn shiok and most of the time we were playing. Had ultimate chill out at hodge lodge on second day.

Okay I’d better return to find things to chuck in my essay.


One thought on “Futurephobic

  1. Hello! haha Econs rep should stay as Econs rep! lol

    And Physics rep (from another class) dislikes the photocopying shop auntie too!

    And the same Physics rep also hasn’t done his Econs essay X)

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