Today, during the dreary bus ride back home, I derived something that broadens my perspective of life a little. Might not be that significant as a turning point but enough to keep me going whenever I need some emotional assuagement. Things in this world do reach an equilibrium after all, just like market demands and supplies. It’s just a matter of time when things fall into place. Somehow they don’t necessarily fall the way you might have liked, but perhaps so gradual that sometimes it’s so difficult to look at the big picture because everything just seems so vague and uncertain. Sometimes the bad things come first. They surge on in such haste and intensity, they stampede all over your life, leaving you remotely close to alive and barely hanging on.

I’ll tell myself, life’ll get better, sooner or later.

I shall recollect myself over the weekends and emerge afresh on monday. Hopefully.


One thought on “Deadlocked.

  1. Hello delaney. Nice blog you have. It has German words on it. That makes me happy.

    Seriously, hi!! haha nice to see someone reads my blog anywho 🙂 🙂 may the Force be with you!!!

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