Happy birthday, joke.

Jeez, ‘m feeling really exhausted but have no idea why. Just got back from match @ PL. Got into a little trouble, ‘m crossing my fingers that things will be better from now, but I need input from myself!

I figured people in JC are too mature for April Fool’s day because nothing really happened. I alllways get jacked back in SN. But of course, I didn’t just let the day pass without doing anything about it, or it would have been really wasted y’know {: I never knew I could be so convincing. I like to play on reverse psychology, it’s pretty fun sometimes, provided my expressions (which often fail me) don’t give me away. Okay, I have to admit it was through sms, but it was convincing all the same, heh.

I was very tickled by what Jialei said to me on the bus earlier.

“Don’t April Fool yourself!”

Yeah man, the decision I made today was a complete joke. (no, not the bus stop one) Won’t talk about it here ’cause it’s really stupid and all of me to do that.

I shall be hardworking and finish up my econs and german by tonight since I have relatively more time than usual. Hope I can last because my eyelids seem to be trying to tell me otherwise.


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