Satiated {:

Wow I can’t believe it, not a single soul from BB12 is online today }:

Nevermind. I’m here to actually tell y’all about my super productive day today {:

It so happened that I caught two buses straight without having to wait for it. So I pretty much got home from PL in a flash (flash meaning twenty minutes or so). Then I jogged 5.2K on the treadmill, after which I couldn’t walk properly after getting off it; Yeah man, I’m sooo proud of myself. That was to compensate my excuse from PE this week. But I think I somewhat ate back all the calories I lost during dinner, super jacked. But I was so deprived from good food }: I really really need to make a trip back to SN soon, to eat, to train, and to collect my cert.

Then I played really nice songs on the piano, it’s by far the most enjoyable practice I’ve had ever since exams were over. (Did I tell you I failed Gr.7 by four marks? Okay…nvm)

I think my CCA mates are really nonsensical and full of rubbish. Most of the time I’m like staring at them like this :O Today was another five nil day. RJTT FTW!

I shall attempt to finish reading two issues of TIME tonight.


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