I think I need a Candymachine.


Ahhh, thank God.

Today’s consultation wasn’t a waste after all. Just that I’m really shagged now, physically and mentally exhausted thanks to the four-hour training this morning and the utilization of practically every inch of my brain trying to figure out how to input figures to generate a list of possibilities :I

I’m so tireddddd~

Gotta mug chem soon ’cause there’s a lecture test the coming week! :O!

Haven’t been doing so well at school. Got another D for my Econs essay. I’m now really hesitant about applying for the Econs field trip to Europe in June. I’m terrified of the HP people, who can probably draw dd/ss curves blindfolded. I don’t want to go there feeling miserable for 11 days. Aber sie werden Frankfurt und Munchen versuchen (!!), like zomg. Ich moechte da wirklich gehen! Dann kann ich mein Deutsch verbessen auch. Ahhh~

Speaking of which I really miss Abu Dhabi. Aera and I wanna go back to the peak of the dunes, watching the awesome sunset. The hues of orange and purple are sooo mesmerizing I could stay put the entire time enjoying it with Aera without saying anything {: Glad I still see the people from the trip on mondays, they’re a really fun bunch of people to be with, that goes without saying. And I think Jonathan feels horribly harrassed by us ’cause we bugged him to accept a Jonathan FC balloon the other day while he was being burdened by a gigantic accordion. Hee.

Chan thought I was running for council (Now srsly I must have eerily resembled someone because he said he saw my face on a poster). Frankly speaking I wanted to tell him straight in the face that I somehow had the intention to shortly after I realised me having a CCA was close to having none at all. Nevermind. I don’t wanna feel offended but I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t be. I will stick resolutely to what I believe in, ’cause the good things will probably come later. I just have to bear it for now.



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