Expect the Unexpected.


Former Lazio youth team striker Federico Macheda’s winning goal three minutes into stoppage time provided a late show to better Liverpool’s against Fulham 24 hours earlier while putting a huge dent into Villa’s own hopes of Champions League qualification.

To those cynics out there: UNITED FTW! Right back at you.

Personally I find that goal quite epic for a seventeen year old who just got off the bench and kicked his way to his first PL goal, kewlzx.

Today’s really slack and all, but somehow more productive. Now I have to try to figure whether I work best under stress or otherwise.

RMEP in the morning quite nonsense, I almost fell asleep but Aera’s things happened to fall off the small lecture desk and that jolted me awake. GP was boring as usual I was doing random things and listening to Cheryl’s random rants and Ethel’s complaints of hunger, lol. Then had Lee’s Chinese Cooked Food for lunch, daaaamn shiok ’cause I was starving too. Voting at 2 then mugged with Hf/Hx @ RI. :O! I BROKE MY PB FOR CITYBLOXX! (226 storeys), BEAT THAT Hongfei!

&Cause I felt a little feverish then I decided to skip German class, for once. Finally some good and valid reason for me to not go.

Imma finish at least 70% of my work today! Go Laneyyyy.


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