A Wreck of a Life.

I ought to commit suicide over my stupidity. Day by day I’m getting stupider than ever. I must be hanging out too much with the wrong people.

Was suffering from damn bad cramps then hell, damn smart go drink iced milo. I applaud myself.

But for one, I’m intelligent enough to have chosen the most appropriate and convenient topic for my PI, for which I have ample information about and it is something which I especially favour. Lovely.



2 thoughts on “A Wreck of a Life.

  1. Hello, if you’re stupid, i’m totally brainless): Must be because you dont hang around me much anymore): anw, dont be so emo! Your blood brother would love you no matter what! (sorry i rarely read blogs these days) ❤ my bloodbro, aka wife of luo zhi xiang:D

      Haih, I wanna go back to the days where we hid under our desks doing stupid things.
      and our 炸食日! Miss our favourite 炸鸡翅膀x100000 }:

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