I’ve got this really annoying sore throat and a runny nose. Haven’t been taking good care of myself recently, I do anything and everything potentially harmful to myself. That should explain the bad encounters I’ve been having for the past few weeks.

Thursday was steamboat at Novena with RJTT after a damn exciting match down at YSH. RJTT double champs {: Saw my fave SNTT juniors, so happy for their top four. I ate barbequed food, drank tomyam soup, drank iced lemon tea and ate ice cream. :O!

And then yesterday had a really good BBhousecomminees discussion about our initiative with my group. Finally got something to show them. Later in the evening was RJTT chill out at Jiahao’s place.

As such, I’ve been going home really late for the past two days. So much for being sick.

This morning was usher’s duty for J2’s MTP with ETHEL!. Saw Erica’s parents, Yiyun’s dad, and made two cool new friends: SIXUAN & GUIQI! ‘Twas fun lah I have to admit, a new experience {: Think I might just sign up for the J1 one in July, because Ms Lim seemed to like us a lot and said we should enthusiastically volunteer for the next one. Wooohoo, I’m CIP hour-rich for the first time in my life. Not to forget, Crimezero and RI Openhouse.

I think I will only touch my notes when I feel better. For now, I just feel like slacking around in my air-conditioned room playing pet-soc or sleep, maybe.

I feel accomplished enough to do that for now.


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