Brighter Days

Delaney’s trying to maintain a more positive-than-usual outlook on life because her perpetual emo-ing is totally getting on her nerves.

I shall convince myself that today wasn’t too bad a day. First of all, no homework was due. Secondly, the passing of monday (a terrible day) means better days to look forward to and a whole burden being lifted off my shoulders clearly makes a difference. Finally, I did my econs homework, yeah! \m/

Life’s gonna be good for the next three weeks and then comes the holidays. Oh hail, holidays.

Meanwhile, it’ll be good to psych myself into loving a mugger of a self. Studying shall be my new past time, hobby and form of entertainment. Motivation being good grades, and good grades meaning B’s or higher. And so this proves it: It’s a friggin vicious cycle out there. I’ve got a B’s for both my AQ and OP, and another B for math! Feel so accomplished whenever I think of those B’s. {:

I kinda wasted this afternoon doing pretty much nothing, and for that I really detest myself but then again, perseverance is key! Habits need time to change, right.

Right. Off I go to attaining nirvana.


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