I think nobody ever comes here anymore since there’s hardly any indication left behind, but oh well, not that readership has got any significance to me keeping a blog. I just like to see people writing me comments {:

The reason why I don’t wish to add a tagboard is because I think it’s rather useless, judging from my experiences with them, but people like the idea of it because its easy and fast and whatever. The comment feature here kinda comes across to me as a much more sincere and substantial way of communicating on my blog and convenience is not an option, okay. Sorry if you ever wanted to make a comment and there’s no tagboard, but that’s the way I like it and that’s life, not everything goes your way (In case you didnt’ know, wordpress doesn’t allow tagboard scripts). If you really wanted to tell me something, you would have just made the effort to comment. It isn’t all that difficult actually.

And for those who comment the first time, do take care to submit once and only once and note that your comment doesn’t appear automatically because it has to be approved by yours truly before it is displayed. Only applies to first-timers {:

Now it sounds like some mechanical set of instructions to follow on How To Comment On Delaney’s WordPress Blog.

Today’s German was damn fun {: We talked about Die Zeitreise durch 60 Jahren demokratisches Deutschland, which is basically modern day Geschichte von Deutschland. That took up nearly 45 minutes. The rest of the time we were just practising Relativsatz, and boy was it depressing. Erica and I couldn’t get like more than half of the answers. Need crash course need crash course. Where has our effective mugging sessions gone! Ones that garnered us both A2’s. Sigh.

Oh and not to forget, heute gehe ich zum Subway mit Erica und: Clare, du fehlst uns. }:

I have this sudden urge to post entirely in German but nevermind.

I am going to mug like never before. Watch me.


One thought on “Fehler

  1. Hey laney! I’m here hehehe. It’d be really cool if you blogged in german though you’d need to translate everything for non-germanites like me (o: Printing PW now seeya tmr!
    <3, Cheryl

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