General Paper

I’ve just visited Cheryl’s blog and talked to Ethel over msn;

And we have all agreed unanimously that studying for GP (essentially English) is so out of our vocabulary, or that the notion of having people ‘mug’ GP is near impossible.

I’m getting pressurized by everybody around me, the IP people in specific. Not that I’m generalizing or whatever but I think it’s just the nature of us JAE’s to take english ever so lightly. I mean you seriously cannot have a hand at what’s going to come out right? The best thing you can do is to work it out on the spot, be flexible, read the question ultra-carefully, do a whole lot of paraphrasing and watch the time. And the fact that most subjects pertaining knowledge skills are a test of your ability to churn things out in that short frame of time should be something worth considering. That’s how things can be so unpredictable, something I learnt from our intriguing experience last year. Personally I think with preparations comes the possibility of being caught unguarded, and to let your jaw drop in the middle of some exam is just plain wrong. Best not to expect anything and just head straight into planning.

But…I guess being prepared for the very basic structure would be helpful in a way. And it’s always better to adopt a kiasu mentality, being a Singaporean at heart.

For now, it’s just KS Bull and me.


One thought on “General Paper

  1. I was so surprised to see my name mentioned haha. And I know this is very slow but yes, studying for gp = O.o?!

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