Product of Displeasure

Some things will never change in a million years. The basic nature of man to take things the way it is most of the time prevails. Nobody has the energy to go all out for every single responsibility or aspect of their lives. They do the things they like to and want to. Sparing a thought for others becomes something so complicated because your interest doesn’t necessarily serve the needs of others. Somehow, interests definitely conflict.

People never really started off their lives with the intention of having others in mind. Self-interest, in one way or another, comes first. That’s why pesky kids today are mostly stubbornly selfish and I don’t deny having once been one, and being one now. Being considerate comes in after they get educated by parents, school, society, whatever. Then will they know how being thoughtful towards others is a valued virtue. But in this time and age, are most of these acts really out of true intention? Do we not carry other thoughts at the back of our minds and help others without qualms and condition? Come to think of it, it really is quite difficult, to acknowledge that we have to sacrifice – sometimes big things – so that someone else will benefit or reap since it doesn’t quite explain things logically, but compassion does put things (&is supposed to) in a different light.

Compassion is by no means a simple word and compassionate acts and deeds come a long way. Problem is, how do we carry the weight of the word when we don’t even understand exactly how heavy it is?

Man made a simple, perfect world so complicated. Now man must undo their own knot. But as much as they might spend their whole lives at it, it will never be the once-flawless and chaste paradise God had intended right from the start.

Mindless musings which originated out of pique. Enlightening.


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