The trouble with Titles

I never really knew what to put for titles cauz I never liked the idea of having boring titles. Instead I’ll just chuck in some irrelevant word which has got remotely anything to do with the post. It came across to me as being too illogical so I guess I’ll stick to conventional titles the next time around.

(While I type this, ants are spawning out of nowhere, must’ve been the B&J’s)

I had a lousy day today, even though it’s one of those rare days that I needn’t return to school. Don’t wish to talk about today. Let’s talk about yesterday’s chalet {:

I didn’t really expect to enjoy myself so much. But I did anyway, and I’m glad I went. The guys were begging me for GHWT and so I relented, since Gray was delegated to come over to my place to carry it. After econs we went to AMK Hub to lunch at the food court, where the food was utterly overpriced. Then we went our separate ways – Ethel, Gray and I back to my place and the rest off to get foodstuff for the BBQ.

We hung around for awhile and Ethel and I was sitting next to the piano, with dropped jaws as we watched Gray’s fingers work the keys, churning slow jazz and pop pieces just-like-that. If only I could do that. It’ll take me eternity to master the chords and that kind of improvisation skills. Then we cabbed to NRSCC with the huge GHWT box nesting in the taxi boot, and the cab fare costing around 15 :O! Bankrupt.

Boy, the chalet’s changed so much since I’ve last visited. They’ve probably did a mass renovation sometime along the way when my dad’s membership was cut off. Damn nice, must say. {:

And so the fun began. A few of us kicked off by playing GHWT while some of them hit the (complimentary!) mahjong tiles. Then later I helped Aera, Ethel, Emily and Eliezer to prepare the food for BBQ-ing. Hilarious. Guys seriously don’t know and never learn, and will never know how to shop properly. What’s with a gazillion chicken sausages, no carbohydrates, and two oil brushes?

Highlight of the day was the Wii actually, where everybody gathered for WiiPlay! and laughed our asses off when we scored own goals in laser hockey or caught small frys while fishing. At the same time, the BBQ group hung around the pit BBQ-ing and blasting songs. I was alternating between the two, enjoying my chicken wings, marshmellows and my share of WiiPlay! HAHA.

Towards the end of it went for a short night walk with Ethel and we all ended up at the playground,..playing. Camwhored, as usual, and climbed around like a monkey. Then my dad came and we left.

Kinda regret not being able to stayover, would’ve been real fun. Shall happen the next time! {: 3K FTW! Pictures to be uploaded after Emily’s facebook is up. Yaye.



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