When life’s on a downward spiral

(Shrieks and pulls hair out)

I’ve been getting very depressed lately. Must’ve been everything put together. I just want to lie on my bed and drift away, if time would allow.

Nothing beats enjoying the breeze on a cool day (One of the rare rainy days in this scorching june season) thinking about absolutely nothing in the world.

I still remember the last time I ever felt so lousy was a few years back. Don’t know how, don’t know why, I managed to survive, even the worst of it all. This time around, it’s getting to me slower but more surely that I’m so aware of it. Like quicksand. I don’t know how to get out of it.

‘ve tried to talk to people about how to get along with some parts of life. Problem is, there’s too many to cope with and I can barely handle one thing alone. Somehow, you learn new things everyday but you’re not entirely sure if it could work out in your life. That’s how I get so insecure sometimes.

Complications get in the way and I really hate it. It’s like solving this problem would somehow trigger this other issue that you’d take another eternity to address. And sometimes it gets too overbearing, I feel like I’m not living for myself anymore. I don’t want that.

There’s too much in this world; too much to handle, too much to absorb.


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