Some crappish mood~

Sometimes, I’m really at a loss.

I don’t know what to do at all. It’s like I’ve reached a road block or a fork. Either there’s no way out or too many ways to pick from.

And sometimes, you pick the wrong road. You think something’ll come out of that but no, the extreme opposite happens and boy you wished you never even made a decision in the first place.

That said, life sucks.

And then when you try to make amends to whatever you’ve done wrong, it just gets worse. Like an exponential spread of your mistake. Horrible.

I’m supposed to be feeling awesome tonight, mainly because CT’s has ended. The four day intensive mugging with Ethel’d been cool though. I think the excitement kinda wore out as the day went by. I had to wait till Deutsch ended before I could really feel the euphoria, which by then, was reduced to almost nothing at all as I got reminded of everything else waiting for me.

Ugh, I’m feeling really pissed now. For one, I don’t feel like sleeping and am just in the mood to ramble the night away on my trusty old blog. And the next, I actually planned to attempt some Deutsch Hausaufgaben and Chemical Energetics Tutorial today. Please don’t call me crazy, I’m just trying to preserve whatever mugging fuel I have left in me.

Why is everything screwing up when you thought the days’d just get better }:

Maybe if I did my homework tonight and meet Erica/Clare tomorrow, I’ll feel happier. Maybe.

Oh and I have to add,
My pride’s feeling really crushed, like someone just stomped all over it. It’s like I’m having this inferiority complex all of a sudden. Either that or it’s always been there, just that it happens to be intensified at the moment (for some reason or other which I don’t really wish to pinpoint nor disclose).

I’ve to get a grip. This is crazy.


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