Finding my way back

Ignore my previous post if you even know what it meant. Was feeling exceptionally emo because it’s the period when everybody’s getting back everything and you’re like kept anxious, waiting for bloodied scripts to fall into your hands. Unnecessary energy expended on stupid things can be conserved and utilized in more meaningful ways, like Hausaufgaben!

Hope things go well tomorrow. Looking forward to math and fruitful PW discussion.

And for the priviledge of having to carry a featherweight bag to school for the past few days, I am obliged to carry heavy things tomorrow because of PW and Deutsch. I shan’t complain.

Happy seventeenth, Bel {:

5th July,

Had a great time with the clique celebrating Claire’s seventeenth. Pigged away and chilled out at Spices Cafe, Concorde. I wouldn’t say variety was great but the ambience was there, and the standard, well, not too bad. Except maybe the sashimi was a little disappointing. Claire’s original plans were to have a picnic after the buffet ._. but then it started pouring midway through lunch and we decided we’d just go shopping. I got a pretty black dress at such a good bargainnnn HAHA. But then there wasn’t much so we just had some drinks at Subway and gave Trina a make over before she went for her chillout session. Love ’em to bits!



Okay time to chiong.



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