Bevor schlafen

Before bedtime post. I’ll just make do with a quick one before I head off for slumberland, am feeling exceptionally sleepy today (or for the entire week, for that matter)

Pretty grateful for the E for Biology. I was so happy looking at the number of questions I managed to score in. Well except that 3/15 for essay questions ain’t exactly worth celebrating for. Everybody screwed essay so much so that Mr Chan was disheartened, aw man.

Anyway, today was my first official movie date with KeeAera!! ❤ You see, the story began like this:

Today being friday, (TGIF), would be an utter waste if I’d just gone home and slacked my time away. It’s just not right to do that y’know. Before that though, Aera, Eliezer, Xinru, and Em were quibbling over whether to head up to Marymount to train down to Bishan ._. It was amusing I swear. We ended up taking a nice walk under the sun so Aera could get suntanned. Hahaha. Along the way, we had a lightbulb moment to go catch a movie since Aera and I refused to spend a wonderful friday afternoon at home. All of us walked around fourth floor to get Eliezer a gift before they all left and Aera and I went to watch Ice Age 3! Yaye, I feel so happy just talking about it even.

The movie was alright I guess, not fantastic but enough for a good laugh. I enjoyed myself ahjumma, hope you did too! Heh.

Hokay, I’m off.


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