It’s 1 am and I’m supposed to be sleeping.

We went to the club for the second time today. I like the pool, quiet and relatively peaceful place to hang around on a saturday evening. You could sit at the poolside tables and look at the little tides wash up ashore the rocky bed and the sky grow dark beyond the modest lagoon which might span from one end of the club to the other. My dad would’ve bought a cuppa at a ridiculous price (even after member’s discount) and we’d all sit there if we’ve got the time. Swam a few laps and thank God my shoulder joints didn’t hurt anymore after that.

Wanted to have jap for dinner but full house so we opted for Peony Jade instead {: Food was rather good and worthwhile. We had the chinese-style buffet, which was orderuntilyoushiok kind. Then desserts came in small bowls, which were pretty convenient for you to order a variety (although limited) to try. Only they weren’t exceptional.  

Agh I didn’t do any work today. I’d better step on it or I’ll face shellings from everybody.

&3K no more quarantine starting monday = Bio lab period is on }:


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