You’re the closest to Heaven

Yesterday was,

A whole sea of red and green and white, like christmas.

A lot of food during lunch break, explored the canteen and 7-eleven with Ethel, only to end up back at the snack stall.

Hodgelodge chillout with the class, although we were scattered all about. I crashed GH and played taboo.


Red Parade was but 2 hours of crazy camwhoring, singing and flag-waving, I like.

Couldn’t help but tell the whole world its so much better than what we get for the past few years cuz it’s so happening. But of course, I can’t bear to compare things this way.

Sat next to Aera and we were just going insane. Haha you could ask Emily. They had coolshit interactives like superlatives and some SMS contest. Aera asked me to go up for the tallest girl -.- I’d have won it if I did.

Anyway dined out with Em, Eliezer, Esther, Samson, Jon and Kenneth @ Manhattan Fish Market. First time there. It’d been a good dinner though, cuz most of ’em had so much nonsense I was highly entertained {: And Em, Esther and I found out that we could walk faster than the circle line train could take to reach bishan, plus our quiet little conversation, everything was so fun.

HAHA Redparade ftw. Now it’s time to unleash the mugging instincts.

I want no more of this. I can’t read minds.


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