Hello friends

Delaney is sick in bed..

with a laptop perched on her pillow and a PDF document open, which reads:

Displaced Hylobatids: Biological, cultural and economic aspects of the primate trade in Jawa and Bali, Indonesia

What a right time to do EOM.

She misses her friends in school }: and she’s not looking forward to piano later. She hopes her teacher wouldn’t want to have lesson with her today because SORE THROATS ARE DEADLY CONTAGIOUS. (No they aren’t deadly but..)

Things Delaney should try and finish up today, even though her throat feels tragic:

1) Deutsch Rede (nur 2,5 Minuten!)
2) EoM/WR Chapter 5
3) Music Theory Paper 2006-07
4) Do Chem SPA Practices repeatedly

(God: How do I survive this?)


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