Nicht mehr

I wanna be not just happy, not just happier, but the happiest! (like this, y’know -> :D)

In a time like this, it’s almost impossible. It’s okay we’ll work towards it. (:D)

I hope I’m starting to be productive. At the very least, I attempted the slightly overdue Chemistry Equilibria on friday afternoon – solomugging at Raja until 6pm, ownage. Gosh I haven’t been there in ages {‘: Then I did a summary of Theory of costs and EOS this morning, had econs tuition then finished up APGP tutorial and then math tuition.

Okay that’s enough to make me happier 😀

Tomorrow’ll be PW Meeting!

Anywayz, looks like I haven’t blogged about my birthday. It’d been one of the bestest ever, honestly 😀 I’ll remember the midnight wishes, the surprise (or maybe not-so-surprise) celebration by BB12 and half of 3K ❤ Mel and Bella punching holes into Bob the Builder’s eyes ears nose mouth whatever ahahha! Random but love it. Dann, die Deutsche Klasse fuer die wunderschoene Kuechen und Lied! I was seriously caught offguard, RIGHT ERICA? Smoking hot C2 container classroom, yeahhh 😀 [This sums up my super seventeenth birthday]




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