Rainy mornings

I’m feeling so much happier today, even though I didn’t do any work and I ought to.

(cuzzz Prelims are in two days omgshit)

Anyway let’s get back to the point.

I woke up and found rain slipping down the veranda door panes and I felt so glad to be in bed {: I dreamt about queer things but they made feel a lot better, and did away with the stifling, fetid mood I’ve been feeling since friday. And I just slacked all the way, eating my breakfast in front of the tv, playing country story (heh), walking down alone to Cold Storage Specialty in the drizzle and shopped for groceries (and found a special brand of Vanilla Essence!) They say walking in the rain is a sign of being suicidal, haha, but I had a mega gay orange umbrellala SO YEAH, Laney not suicidal. Then I baked double chocolate chip cookies for the first time ever, in the meantime clearing our entire stock of Cadbury’s Old Gold. Whoopeee. We’re going out for dinner later!!

‘m going back to SN to eat tomorrow, (Y).

This is how you live guyz, happily.


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