And today is the day that I end my hiatus : ) It’s been long.

I never thought I’d say this but, I’m pretty much glad I had to go through that. At least I know now.

&Promo’s are over. It felt like a millionth of a second, it’s over so quickly. Now I’m just waiting for all the red marks to come back. Five days of sitting at the lockers ranting to friends, trying to remember formulas, feeling screwed all over again, some cyclical thing.

&Deutsch Muendliche is over too. How bad it was, I don’t wanna know.

I’m just going to waste away today, and continue with The Hectic Life tomorrow. Deutsch Lese/Hoere and Theory Gr.6 all at the end of the month. Sigh.

Celebratory (sort of) lunch with Ethel at Sakae today : ) Ate some nice stuff and talked a lot, for like over two hours. I was a little disappointed the aunties immediately dispersed once bio was over today :< But it’s okay I think we can still go out tomorrow (right Ethel?) Hahaha.

Perhaps it was a good thing I stopped blogging for a while. It’d been a hellish experience, everything put together. When you look the other way, things may pick up after a while and start to get better than ever. That’s what you do when you’re down, to take the other perspective. Rant, Read it, Reflect, and then I Realise how stupid I’d been. I feel so apologetic, having to put blame on others when I only know how to waste time and do the thing I do best (procrastinate). Honestly, (not wanting to sound showy but) life is like econs, you wanna make the best use of scarce time that you have. There’s no 25 hours a day, nor 8 days a week. If you’re not gonna produce at maximum efficiency or expand your capacity, who can do it for you? There’s only this much someone else can do for me and if they’re doing all they can, I think I really appreciate the fact that they’re even there for me in the first place.

Family, Friends, Teachers, Life, Pet fish, my 100,000 cushions, I’m glad I have you.

I’ll be praying for the disaster-stricken.


2 thoughts on “Revolutionary

  1. heh heh i think my promos are thoroughly screwed too 😦 but oh well at least it’s over!!

    and yep i should be free this saturday!!! 🙂

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