OMG I’M SUCH A DUMB KLUTZ I DON”T KNOW HOW I COULD’VE BEEN SO CARELESS. I thought I checked my email the day they told us about the SLPI and now (after some eternity) it’s kinda screwed up cuz they sent it to the wrong email and they needed ‘credit to purchase another SLPI’. What exactly does it mean I’m not too sure, does that translate to ‘pay more’?

I’m probably blacklisted by the PE department right now. *Kicks myself

People are ponning tomorrow cuz there’s only civics and PE. But for me, I’m going to school! Cuz I’m going on a date with my friend friend to eat oyster meesua 😀

OP dry-run today was…quite sian cuz we were the second last group and everybody must be feeling like ‘get done with it already’. But I liked how it was pretty slack the entire day, other than worrying about not being able to remember everything from the script cuz Wii!! (with the exception of W) basically read everything off our scripts. But it’s okay, we’ll only go up from here, and not down 😀

&I liked the game today. The I’m-so-grateful-that-I-have-to-write-loads-on-your-back game. Haha sorry I don’t know the name of it and neither can I find the appropriate description, (but anyway that’s for me to know). All I’ve wanted to say is on your pieces of paper guyz. I’ll bet we’re all grinning like some nuts when we’re reading cuz it’s just plain touching. I can testify to that. But words can’t fully capture the essence of your emotions, can it? I guess it’s just that we need some form of assuagement through words many a times in life because they’re tangible things we can hold on to that pulls us through. But if there’s a way to spill out one’s emotions, bare and all, I think it’ll be so much more. Appreciation, gratefulness, joy and love for all the people around you. That just made my day. Thank you Wii!!, thank you 3K, thank you Mr Koh (even though you were so unattentive when I was speaking).

I want to sleep, like now. But I still have Hausaufgaben zu machen. Bis morgen werd unsere vorletzten Unterricht sein! Awh no!!


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