I just got home an nearly an hour ago. It’s been the first time I ever had to chiong something out in school till this late. Okay not that I was the one chionging anything, but…

Omg BB House-D/Comm (Y). They are terribly talented. Our board/banner owns hands down. Sportzfest’s drawing nearer, AWESOME! But sadly I’m have to go on a different mode because Deutsch’s just next week }: We had our final lesson today and the reality of it hit me only now. (Guess I’d been too busy fiddling with spray paint) G5.10 won’t have anymore lessons tgt }:

Herzliche Danke, alles, fuer die wunderschoenen Zeiten! Ich werde es nicht vergessen. Wir muessen oft treffen und deutsch wiedersprechen! Nach der Examen sollen wir zur BerlinDayz gehen!

Sigh. Ich werde bald ins Bett gehen. Tschuess bis Morgen. (Oder nach der Examen)

Gmail FTW :D

Gmail FTW 😀


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