Ich brauche wirklich eine neue Kamera }:

The stupid camera’s been going crazy all day and taking blur photos. *Sulks.

As a result of all that crap, the photos taken today at the Mint Toy Museum were duper fuzzywuzzy. I’m so freaking sad. What has today done to me~ I spent over ten bucks for lunch @ Manna’s today. Please tell me it’s okay to binge like this.

But the toy museum had a damn bloody huge and awesome collection of toys! Did I mention awesome already? Holy. Everything was just so vintage and authentic and one-of-a-kind, I’ll never look at toys the same way again. Honestly, I can proudly say that I’ve visited the place for a learning journey. The owner’s so dedicated and meticulous, constantly growing his already-gigantuous collection for people to appreciate these timeless classics and recollect the past. I really respect that. Best part was the vintage signs in the rooftop wine bar. Wouldn’t mind returning for a visit in a few years time. {: Lesson learnt #01: Keep your toys in good condition (with the box!!!) and sell it to Mr. Mint in 20 years time.



PW Meeting tomorrow. Hope all goes well.


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