Umbrellas Open

I’m feeling depressed. Must’ve been the sullen weather for the past few days.

My brain feels like it’s been mashed up (mashed potatoes at 7-11) and is currently rotting. Lethargy just took over me even though I bunked in at ten last night. I did more feet-shuffling than my usual brisk pace. I didn’t chase after trains, neither did I walk up the escalators like I usually do.

Perhaps the notion of OP drained too much out of me. Watching the train zip by an empty station seemed very scary all of a sudden. An uncanny representation of life right now. Hang in there, one more week to the ultimate liberation of the month. Month, not year. Or rather penultimate liberation.

I felt a little disappointed too. Well maybe not a little but quite a bit. I don’t know. Sometimes we look as if we can’t accept others for their differences. &That’s what makes me upset sometimes; when we can’t put down our differences and get along well. I’m guilty of that, and guilty of all the actions that imply something along the lines of that. We’re all different but how much do we accept other people for that? Difference is a sad word to begin with. What do we do now?

We all can be better people in life. I’m betting on things getting better. But for better or for worse, I’m always with my friends. Thank you friends 😀


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