Couch potato

Holy the Asian Cup was damn painful to watch. The whistle blew an awful lot of times and three handballs went unnoticed. The japanese referee had a screwed up face, too. Sgp had a handful of opportunities thrown at their faces but only one sad penalty worked out. Normally when my uncles watch EPL, they have nothing to say. But today they were hurling all sorts of remarks and making snide jokes I couldn’t help but laugh.

Yesterday went to catch Paranormal Activity with Jesmine and Mx. Jesmine cheat me, said it was fake horror but it was friggin scary okay. It felt so real cuz it was filmed through the guy’s videocam and showed what happened every night, when the so-called ‘demon’ starts finding amusement in frightening languished souls. Then every night they’d fix the videocam at the corner of the room (the boyfriend’s idea), and something’d happen at 2/3am (mainly to scare the girlfriend), eg. the door moving by itself, the movement in the blankets or loud thumps. Ahhh gosh thinking about it makes me feel sick now. Shall not spoil the movie here but the end’s really,.. quite sad. Do go watch though, a very interesting perspective.

Anyway, today was a busy day.

Went for training in the afternoon. We’re gonna be using the RI hall for a while now, since we can’t use the ISH. After training I bought sugarpops for us to occupy ourselves during Chem tuition. Heh.

Returned home and the TV was the only thing I befriended since. (Well, since morning, technically; rewatching Brotherhood)

SNTT Outing tomorrow! So cute, Sec two in charge with no wet weather plans. {:

P/s. Brotherhood’s really sad and I’m still affected. }:


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