Book 14

Today is seriuzly the epitome of a series of unfortunate events.

(As I type this I’m freezing and refusing to take a shower)

Like this morning, I couldn’t pay attention to the Arenes lecture at all. Okay that’s not a very sad problem because it’s somewhat a common occurence. I hit my leg against something hard while I was attempting (for the life of me) to squeeze out of the row of seated people. I dropped my 20-cent coin on the vegetables of my breakfast set.

At this point in time, those are the least of my misfortune. (FIRST AND FOREMOST I AM RUNNING OUT OF CASH AND I CAN’T STOP SPENDING ‘EM)

As I waited for ZQ to be dismissed, I went to the library with Emily and Aera to photocopy some of the econs case studies from the textbooks. Fortunately for me, Aera found me the free photocopy machine, the one that doesn’t deduct any money from your copying card. But then a lot of pages turned out awry, like half-baked pies. }: I took ages to get the many pages printed. Then we left and I met ZQ at the copy shop. We decided to go collect econs remedial notes so we went to check our lecture groups. I told the copying service staff later that I needed 5 sets for lecture group 3 and 1 set for lecture group 2 (since she ASKED for the number). Then she gave me this mass of paper that meant almost nothing to me cuz there was absolutely nothing told to us about what kind of notes to expect. I went back to check and she got annoyed. And the other more experienced staff started yelling at everybody, asking what they wanted. If it was so terrible to work in a copy shop then don’t…(okay forget I said anything). When we got that sorted out I was short of four freaking sets. Turns out she didn’t hear my request for multiple sets. Nevermind, it became a blessing in disguise becuz I went back to the library to use the free copy machine. Smart.

Then we walked under the hot sun to j8 to get materials for the board. Trained back cuz we were lazy and then went back up to the library to print information, which took so long becuz FB lagged everytime we tried to get another picture. We realised the copy card couldn’t work so ZQ went down to get another. THEN ZQ’s card got jammed in the freaking machine twice, once earlier and the once when we were trying to print ours. They called the copy shop auntie (yes her again) to come up to fix it. In the end ZQ went with her to get a new card, tried again and God it worked. Guess what? The page setup was completely disastrous. The GL printer printed everything in portrait but the setup looked correct. SO I went to the library staff and asked them about it and they didn’t know what to do either so they opted for the easy way out: Call our dear friend from the copy shop below again. She came up with an irate expression when she realised it was ‘you again!!’. Direct all your hatred at the printer man, we didn’t want it to happen. She said she couldn’t fix it and I thought that was a bad-enough end of us. But noooo. We transferred everything to a Word document and tried to print and congratulations the copy card got stuck in there again. It so happens that it barely turned 5 and the copy shop closed. We could only sigh in resignation }:

Went to the canteen to grab a bite then went home. We were so tired after battling the machines.

The moment I got out from the station exit, 317 LEFT. Can you believe it. I waited damn long for the next one to come. As I was waiting they were carrying out construction work. LTA was adding some barriers on the curb along the bus stop. They were drilling so hard my eardrums were going to pop }: I boarded the bus and just prayed I could get home quickly. Suddenly it started pouring and the bus decides to swerve and jerk about. I almost fell out from my seat }: I am back home in one piece but I’m dead tired to do anything else (except for blogging).

Tomorrow’s timetable sucks big time. Three free blocks in between two lectures.

Need some sleep~


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