Crazy things happen

Went to visit Aera at NUH today. She says she’s much better, now that she’s successfully moved from the bed to the chair {: (But she hasn’t moved from the chair ever since) Poor girl. So painful, she had tubes sticking out from all over her. Ones that drained her blood, one from the drip and according to her there were more yesterday. GET WELL SOON AERA!~ Fighting! <(.)3

Ethel’s going to India tomorrow! Bon Voyage Ethel! I’ll miss you }: Buy nice bangles for yourself and have lots of fun!

Yesterday was the last day of school. Felt no less different than any other day of school, except that there were only 2 lectures. Did a puppet comedy video for Aera during the four-hour break and watched Elizabeth with Emily in the library. Didn’t get to finish it though }: Rushed home for piano and then went out for dinner with Cassandra!!! It was so fun talking to her. Mhmm, I got to know a lot of interesting things {: It’s so nice to have pasta with her again after so long. Things’ve changed a lot.

I’m gonna miss everyone at school! Auntie Clique, 3K, BB12, everybody else. Like, suddenly, it’s the holidays already. Haven’t got time to take that in. Seems difficult for everyone to find time because everyone has their own schedules; holidays, internships and what nots. Plus there’s a lot of holiday studying to go.

There’ll be our last training next tues because coach’s returning to China. We haven’t been training much ever since I returned to training and that’s pretty sad, because when I finally can make it, they can’t }:

Alright Imma find some entertainment now~

P/s I painted my nails on the left royal blue and those on the right, gold 😀 Faceshop has really awesome colours!


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