I have fresh injuries today }: Really small but vicious ones. Two blisters on the my heel, the masterpieces of my new training shoes. Now the back of my shoes are red (I really dk why). And a bad bruise on my thumb because I was trying to catch a duan qiu and my thumb hit the edge of the table. I tried to hold back a face because I was midway through a match. Its purple now. Aiyo why am I so clumsy.

I’m going to have piano soon and I can’t play scales with a bruised thumb }: So I wrapped it up and it seems even more cumbersome than before.

Anyway, today’s training kinda sucked because three out of four girls weren’t there, so I’m like technically the only girl if not for the RG girls. But not like that made a difference. And Tiantian went back to China so I have no training partner for the rest of this week, which also wouldn’t make a difference anyway, since I wouldn’t be going on thursday. Coach treated the team at Cartel today but I didn’t go because I was supposed to go meet up with my grandma, and in the end her rheumatism acted up so she didn’t want to get out of the house and I just met my sister for lunch @ DTF. Xiaolongbao! Hehehe then we bought those wooden board thingies to fix, I got the revolver and my sister got a windmill. Some novel things to do in this very sian holiday.

Gotta start packing for Spain too! Viva la España!

Okay I’ll get back to finding accomodations and pretty places to visit…


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