Once upon a December

It’s december now, and I’ve got this warm fuzzy feeling inside, the kind that christmas gives, the kind that you feel when you’re drinking hot chocolate beside a lively hearth in a cosy cottage and you look out of the window and see snowflakes dance about {: That kind of awwww experience. Haha.

I wanna go watch movies! Many nice ones are screening now, like A Christmas Carol, Mulan,..and I haven’t watched 2012 }:

Today was average. At least it wasn’t boring but I’m still stuck at home. In the morning I ate cup noodles for breakfast and rewatched Invincible Youth, the apple-picking episode, and then we watched the end of Brotherhood. Finally, we’ve been dragging that part since IDK when. It was sooooo sad. The ultimate tragedy, seriuzly. Then I started on the S&W-M19 Bulldog 😀 ERICA NOW I HAVE THE SAME (wooden) REVOLVER AS YOU! HAHAHA. It took me pretty long to get the itty bits together and glue up the loose parts but its a beauty {: All the hard work for this afternoon paid off!

Huiyi came to get her free textbooks today. Suddenly sec three seemed so far away }: Well it is, actually. I dug out my old textbooks, the math ones had torn covers and loose pages that made it look like I toiled very hard during my secondary school years heh. Well I did not bad yeah, I thought. At least better than how I’m doing right now. Sucks to think that I’ve dwindled to this.

Ought to start on work soon. Leaving for Spain on the 7th can’t waitttt!

And I’ll be kept busy packing for the trip tonight, not supposed to go anywhere }: Deshalb kann ich nicht mit Claire ins Vivo gehen (Feuerwerks zu sehen!). Sorry Claire! Can we meet up soon this week pretty please!



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