Rabbits are dangerous!

Today’s really tiring but fun 😀 Ah, all the guilty pleasures surface.

Met Claire at Cityhall to go to Astons Specialties at Suntec for lunch! We had a nice meal and talked for a bit before she had to leave for her focus group discussion. And so, I was left alone because Jesmine Tan the video-addict refused to leave her house early. I walked around Ion, looking at expensive things I that I can only afford to stare at,..or try on, haha. According to Jesmine Tan, we should try on stuff for fun because it’s free.

When she finally came…

Well, we always get lost trying to find ways to cross the road or get or directions mixed up. Sorry Tan I’m still not familiar with Orchard Road after so long. }: We ended up walking A LOT, like up and down the underpasses and walking back from deviating from the right direction etc etc. It was a long story, so to cut the long story short, we found our way to Far East Plaza and started our search for shoes 😀 And within the first 10 minutes I found the perfect pair of wedges (albeit a little high) at Covet. They have really fab shoes, really. I’d have bought more if not for financial constraints. Then we walked all over, looking at Korean imports like really pretty accessories and shop deco. They’re so creative and teen-oriented. (Y) I ate Fried Mars Bars today, fattening but, who cares? Hahaha. Thinking about it now, I ate quite a bit. Tan and I went to try the sliced ice thingy (something like shaved ice, or ice kacang) and I got so fascinated at how the machine could slice the ice so thinly, and it doesn’t even melt as fast as ice kacang when its in the bowl but the moment you put it in your mouth, it melts so quickly. I never knew of its existence till today…

Then Tan found her cute flats at a shop! Then there wasn’t much left to walk so we decided to go check movie timings while Claire was ahem ahem. Tan and I got this really good deal outside Cine by pledging (for free) to help some Laotian girls so they get sanitary pads for hygiene and not die of infections. They gave this really awesome bags with goodies in it, (sorry I’m so cheapo) but it was so worth it. In the end we couldn’t find a suitable timing and the 6.15 slot for 2012 was almost full. We sat at the tables at Lido and talked some more then I went home. Brought back a lot of good bargains and walked so much in my wedges I could have died, but nevertheless some good exercise + retail therapy for the holidays! Feels good to be walking under baubles dangling from above. Ah, the season of giving (away your money). Can’t wait ~

Oh and yesterday, Claire came over to bake! We baked Linzer Biscuits. They look so pretty I absolutely have to post a picture of it up here.

So pretty right! I know, thanks. Tan wouldn’t believe that we baked them ourselves. We need to get those fluted cookie cutters so they’d look even better than they do now. We baked them without the help of round cookie cutters okay, skill.

Then we did our nails and had our usual H2H. Ah, life.

So excited! One more day left to Spain/France! But I’ll be away for so long, I’m gonna be really ill-informed about what’s happening in Singapore. Pray that I’ll get internet access over there. And I’m gonna miss all my friends! Boy this trip is a cause for joy and sadness. Protest if you need but I’ll be bringing articles and homework over there }: I don’t think its sad lah but I don’t even think I will touch them. Just bring, in case {:

Gonna watch Mulan tomorrow! Yay.



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