Bloodied Dogtags

Ah, the WordPress homepage starts snowing.

Will be leaving at midnight. So here’s the deal: DO NOT CALL OR SMS ME FROM 7th DEC2400 HR ONWARDS IN CASE MY PHONE IS SWITCHED ON AND OVERSEAS CHARGES APPLY… I’ll miss everybody~ Some probably don’t even know I’m leaving in 12 hours time.

Played badminton at Keppel today! Yay I’m getting better at dropshots, haha. Then we went to town again because my parents had a massage session at Ion. I’m getting really sick of town because I visit so frequently these days I get bored already, and it’s a good thing because I will not spend anymore money. I have been splurging like there’s no tomorrow it scares me. Save up, dear {:

Then we went to watch Mulan! It’s not very exciting, battle-wise but an awesome story about loyalty, sacrifice and love. The things they say, although might get a little cheesy if used in an inappropriate context, are so inspiring :O And Zhao Wei’s really emotive, she made the movie worthwhile. It got pretty heart-wrenching because people die just-like-that and nobody will give a shit because you’re at war. She said people lived like raindrops, they fall from the sky and hit the earth then disappear. How transient life is.

(Anti-climatic Pause. Stupid beetle invading my room)

I suddenly thought of things I lost throughout the course of this year. Little things, big things, important things, the unimportant ones…And I realised I’d been dousing myself with faults, regrets and nasty things. I never looked at what I had. Everybody says that at some point in their lives but do they really feel it? To the core? Genuinely? I hope so, because I think I am gradually beginning to open my heart and live gratefully. And recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to spend time with my family, and I’m really glad I even have the chance to do so.

I find that life is so much less stressful if you constantly sit back and look at what you’ve been doing. Being alone does wonders sometimes.

I think I’ll go catch an episode of YAB before I turn in 😀 Kang Shinwoo!


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