Hello. Today I bumped into a few people (Emily and Janice!), random events and unlucky incidences.

I had piano in the morning and I absolutely forgot all my plagal and imperfect cadences }: Sorry I’m such a peabrain. Then I went to meet ZQ and Ben at J8 to get farewell gifts. It costed a bomb but they’re pretty {: Yay awesome that was settled after an hour or so and we had lunch at Long John’s.

Then I walked around J8 to get christmas presents and run errands for my dad. He was supposed to come pick me but had to rush to a car mechanics shop because he supposedly reversed very gently into a cement extension and the entire back windscreen broke into shards. I was so frightened after he told me that over the phone :O

Oops, I spent a lot of money today…*guilt trip. I bought something because I didn’t want to take the risk of something but then eventually I didn’t have to use it. Sigh.

And something very embarrassing happened in the washroom. I refuse to think about it. 

Nevermind that. I shall now continue my travel log..

Day 6 was a 7 hour drive from Madrid to a temporary stop for the night at Lloret de Mar. My sister and I played cards in the car because it was so boring and the cars had little tables! Four big stars stood atop the hotel building (H Top Royal Star) but then when I stepped in, it was far from being even 3. Plus, our cheap room (comes with a halfboard package @ 48€) faced the cemetery (!!) I think it was just me being scared but I didn’t seem to talk much that night. Plus plus, the veranda door couldn’t be locked, to my utter dismay }:

The next day we checked out, with much relief, and continued our road trip to France. Before that we stopped by the beach of Lloret. It was one of the very few experiences I have, standing along a cloudless, speckless blue horizon stretching across the coast, in the cold with seagulls mulling about. Beach and cold just don’t go. Okay, I’m Singaporean.

We landed up at Carnet en Rousillon, another nice coastal area to look-see. Many shops seemed to be closed for the winter and they’re only active in the summer, where people from Catalan and other parts of Europe visit to chill out in the roasting heat. So it was pretty much like a ghost town, just that there are still sporadic signs of life. We checked in at a nice cosy hotel just next to the beach called Hotel Mar i cel. The lobby boasted a simple but rustic nautical design that makes you wanna take a dip but unfortunately it be too cold outside, let alone the ocean. We got nice conjoining rooms on the fourth floor (the only ones on that level in fact) that faces the sea. Awesome. I hardly get to enjoy these priviledges. I’ve gotta count my lucky stars that people don’t really visit in winter. But I hate it when it gets pitch black at 5 plus. There’s nothing to do because everybody closes for the day and all you could do is sit and wait for dinner to begin (normally pretty late in Europe) feeling cold and hungry.

But anyway, dinner was good french food! Appetisers were oysters and escargots 😀 😀 I had a good steak and some potatoes, albeit a little oily.

Day 7 was a visit to Collioure where the Chateau Royal de Collioure was. The Chateau stood right next to violent clashing waves that eroded some of the rocks around. It was a pretty sight because behind it stood a little chapel, in the name of Saint Vincent the martyr, that had a huge cross by its side. All of these stood on a breakwater against the blue blue Mediterranean.

[Pictures should be here to tell the thousand words]

Then we walked to the day market at a square nearby. Lively scene, with people bartering fresh seafood hoisted from the shores just about 400m away, Spanish cured meats, sweets, accessories, winter wear and more. We bought a freshly roasted whole chicken seasoned in some kind of herb mix and just sat by the empty canal to devour it. Kinda attracted the attention of a whole lot of pigeons that were roosting about.

More lunch was consumed at a Creperie nearby, which served up oysters with a bang srsly, *salivates. They had interesting items on the menu and everything we ordered tasted good. Just that their english menu…let’s leave it as that.

After lunch, you know you need to walk to digest! So we climbed up and around the castle we saw just now, called the ___ majorque castle (can’t rmb the name). Let your imagination run wild with the nooks and crannies that they’ve blocked out with iron grills. Chambermaids, Bellboys, runaway princesses traversing the deep dark passages, cool stuff. You could climb high up at different spots to view the spectacular scenery of the sea and the typical mediterranean houses that stood on high grounds, gradually sloping towards a mountain. 

As the sun began to set, we hurried to the Christmas Market along the shopping district that sold a lot of interesting quirky things. Love these kind of novelties 😀 We walked a bit then took some photos with the christmas mascots bumbling clumsily about (hehe) and returned to collioure for a good dinner! The hotel staff recommended it for traditional Rousillon delicacies. It’s called La Bourchon Catalan. The staff were really friendly on the first visit even though they could barely speak a word of english. Do patronise them if you happen to visit Carnet, although it’s a pretty unlikely place for Asians to be spotted. The salmon fish I ordered was soo good with the tasty gravy and fresh bread to go. Plus more oysters and dessert was their specialty, the Chocolate Volcano thingy.

Yay that’s another two days covered on my trip! Will continue another time!


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