2009, Closure

This year had been one heck of a crazy year. Unimaginable. Unthinkable. Unbelievable.

So many things happened within a span of what seemed like a whizz of time. Too fast.

Early 09, I was putting RJ into the ‘so-not-going-to-happen’ category. Clearly, it went the other way round. I still remember how somebody in front of me in the queue refused to move forward to get her result slip (WAS IT YOU, CLAIRE?) I know I know, it was just plain scary. The moment I had the slip in my hands, my fate was sealed, ouch. I couldn’t even absorb anything, I was too anxious thinking about pessimistic consequences to even scan for the grades. Until my mum started counting. So I did well. That was a relief. Then came the dilemma, after which I made a super last-minute decision I never regretted 😀

I came in feeling so scared. Like a kindergartener on her first day in the body of a sixteen year old. I was so afraid everybody would be self-absorbed and individualistic (oops) I mean there are people like that but after a while you find that these people aren’t exactly the ones who determine how life goes. You are. It is how you fathom it to be whether happy or sad, awesome or no-big-deal…

Friends really played a huge part in my life (like with anybody else’s life). The first friends from Orientation (BB12!), 3K classmates, G5.10, RJTT, and never forgetting old friends from SN who bring the good times back, all over again.

I think I would have started off on the wrong foot if not for my favourite (one and only) Ohnowe’verunoutofOGnames!! Ashish, Bernard, Charlotte, Christabel, Daniel, Ellyn, Hongbo, Hongfei, Hongxuan, Huiyao, Jaclyn, Joel, Kristabella, Melanie, Moses, Rachel, Roy, Shide, Yuting.

OGL’s: Dylan, Sambor, Vanessa

OGmeals were so fun, mass dances, Take5, outings and all {:

March was Abu Dhabi. AWESOMEST. Saw so many new things, made so many new friends, life eventually became kinda inspiring. We returned with so many new experiences to our lives, try to live it better. Aera my lovely roommate, Hx, Jon Ng, Jiajin, Yangyang, Jinyu, Weiling, Sunying, Chenxu, Longnu, Halim, Shukiat, Eunice, Sarah, Karishma, Muneera, Sameerah, Xinjia, Su Lyn, Han Lyn, Pearl.

Nationals came, we fought hard, brought back the double gold, basking in glory. Next year’ll be tough but we can do it 😀 Jialei, Tiantian, Fai, ZQ, Ben, Marcus, Winston!

JCTS was terrible, never study }:

PW. The weirdest subject ever. You know you hate it but somehow you end with awesome memories and fun times {: That’s the bestest bit. Late nights (or early mornings) chionging report, going out on super fun and quirky data collections, crashing people’s houses… For that I’d like to thank Chloe, Cheryl, Lydia and Jon, who made PW tolerable 😀

Chionging for A’s German was challenging but really fulfilling with all the wonderful classmates together. Classes were SPASS. Danke: Erica, Wadee, Eehui, Elizabeth, Kevin, Edward, Sei, Frau Schraudolph.

Returned to SN on a number of occasions, teacher’s day and moving-out ceremony. I’ll miss all the teachers and my favourite school compound }: Every time I return it feels like Homecoming, literally. 10 years culminated in a nice closure {: Claire, Trina, Renee, MX, Tan, my besties that stayed with me throughout the toughest yet best part of secondary school!

Of course not to forget 3K and the aunties! Ethel, Aera, Emily, Huijun, Xinru, Eliezer, Esther! Without you all, lectures will be the ultimate bore and life would suck, srsly. I really love all the times we had together, laughing, walking from one end of the canteen to the other without knowing what to eat, camwhoring, and all sorts of silly things we do.

I love all you people. Rock on. Have a peaceful time reflecting on 09 and move on to a great new year!!!

Things will be better, if we believe so {:


3 thoughts on “2009, Closure

  1. BOSS what about Wii!!! *\o/* (haha I sound grammatically incorrect if I were to read that aloud!)

    Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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