New Year’s Resolutions!

New new year resolutions {: Time to sit down and start penning some aye. Funny how every year you tell yourself (almost) the same thing and never really get down to it for the rest of the 300 odd days. It’s okay, we’ll try anyway…Or maybe it’s just me :O

#01. Stop being the biggest procrastinator of all history.

#02. Listen to parents, despite everything. (Okay but not stupidly)

#03. Control Expenditure (!!)

#04. Watch no dramas unless its the weekends!

#05. To study hard and get at least 2 A’s for CT’s.

#06. Faithfully read the newspapers and Time mag.

#07. ***Make After-A’s a fulfilling joy  (by feeling confident during exams)

#08. Practise the piano. Touch the scales book, don’t let it gather dust.

#09. Exercise. Return to tiptop condition before NAPFA }:

#10. Feel grateful. Live life 😀

I’m going to try, like now. You, too, list your resolutions and try to follow them okay! Tschuess!


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