I’m feeling like shit right now. I don’t think it’s because of chem test.. (alone) but more of an accumulation of things }: the thing which kept me awake last night. I probably woke up grouchy and hence, the bad day. Long day does not help }:

I don’t know why that thing is bugging me so much, I only know it’s making me all tensed and depressed. Perhaps it’s because I don’t want a repeat of history, of things I don’t wish to remember. I kinda wished I never had this part of my memory in my life. There are good things about it but…I’d rather not.

Hopefully I’ll get over soon, like today.


One thought on “

  1. HI HI HI HI HOW ARE YOU!!!!!! 🙂

    heehee just happened to pop by and referring to your second paragraph, though i don’t know what’s going on but i really hope that you’ll be okay soon!!! and i hope that whatever happened is nothing similar to what happened to me (…!!!) heehee hope school for you is not as sucky as school is for me!! 🙂

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