This is like one of the rare times I blog nowadays. With iPhone everything is at your fingertips I hardly even need to touch the heat-emitting laptop anymore. And wow here comes the iPad! The world is becoming to advanced for it’s own good..(you’d like to know that I’m posting at the comfort of my cushy chair on my iPhone as well)

The past two weeks have been, well, an introduction to hell ): we’ve barely stepped in and we’re feeling the heat already. Crossing my fingers hoping I’ll be able it make it through. But of course it’ll only happen without the distractions. Plus we’re talking about more intense training schedules, the dreaded NAPFA, uni course talks, tuitions and more, we can hardly take a breather ): honestly I can’t imagine myself taking the A’s, much less completing it..O’s actually feels like a zillion years ago already.

I ran four rounds around crescent today & my maid who was sweeping the front porch kept laughing at me ): gosh I’m so unfit nowadays. But the route wasn’t being fair!! There were plenty of inclines, so much so that I could barely feel my legs moving while scaling them. Okay scaling is an overstatement but that’s exactly how I felt.

Orientation! Has! Begun! And is ending soon..j1’s are going to invade the canteen and hog my yong tau foo stall and infiltrate the homerooms ): hardly any privacy around man. I think we may have period slots swapped to accomodate them as well? Ah whatever.

I need to peel my eyes away from this miserable screen. The puny text is making my eyes sore.



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