Training at YuNeng makes the weekends so unbearable }: I no longer look forward to Saturdays. Heck, all I have to do is try to be tolerant for a few more months, attempt (for the life of me) to clear my math (Damn you integration) backlog, and study for common test all at once. So fun.

Not to forget, Mondays already take the hell out of me, how did I ever survive the week. 1 hour of T-rex during Econs remedial, 2 hours odd of CB just now + smelly iodine. Why do all the guailan people appear in my life now }:

I think I do stupid things all the time, like pretending I’ve got no time but then I waste my time away playing TM Zero. OMG, FAI: I EXCEEDED WAVE 120 YESTERDAY WITH THE NEW STRATEGY, like I can’t even imagine how I was stuck at wave 50+ then. But then at 120 the aliens started proliferating on both sides and it became so concentrated until even 4 of my nukes couldn’t take care of them.

BBq was tdy, I didn’t get to go, but I was pretty much enjoying myself at training, with free flow orange juice and all 😀 TQ LAOSHI! Oh and Jarrod’s rubberband trick -.- The logic is retardedly simple but he pulled it off so well (literally + figuratively).

I’ll spend the next ten minutes thinking what I shall do in the remaining few hours tonight.


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