Subway CCT!

Am really thankful NAPFA went well today. Thanks Joelle for giving me moral support during situps 😀 Heck the gold heck the silver. Cheer up okay Ethel dear, napfa’s so insignificant in life. (I think we will truly understand this ten years later or something..) I think I felt the same way as you do now last year, it’s probably a state of disbelief and disappointment all quashed up in a day. You’re not even unfit, in fact you’re an imba superwoman (: But dw we’re always there for you. 加油 for the retest!!

Waiting for the anticipated wave of relief to come on Wednesday after 2.4k is over and NAPFA is so officially out of my life = world becomes a much happier place to live in. Hopefully I can own the targeted 13min, I know I’m slow but 始终还是个A (: go friends, we can do it!!!

Training was slack ’cause
#01. I was late because of t-rex’s untimely remedial class;
#02. Tiantian didn’t come because she fell sick ): get well soon!~
But I trained w Lin and Winston today haha pretty productive in a sense (:

So many jokes of t-rex today I couldn’t help but indulge in the making-fun-of. She’s still living in her own world; Jurassic World. Damn what a classic (: and last week Brandon chen’s “did you realise she never touched the top half of the whiteboard at all?”. So mean but yeah, there. I wouldn’t be surprised if karma got back at me.

Alright back to work. See ya later aligator.


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