Bad day

I’m feeling darned terrible today. The time of the month is here, I had a bad stomachache + cramps that kept me sitting like a shrimp throughout the day. Chb volunteered me to go up and write the synthesis for some phenylamine thingy (I was gonna shrivel up and die) then she asked me to drink hot water, okay sure. Tq Emily for your ‘candy’ and tq Ethel for…everything haha and tyvm friends for being so concerned. (:

The best part was I became so lethargic towards the end of the day (GP CTs!!!!!) that I think i’m gonna come down with a bad bad bout of flu ): like why does stomachache lead to a runny nose and a flu? ): and i’ve been so shagged the past few days I hardly touched my work and the blasted KS Bull (that was spsd to be for today)

I hope things will get better. I rly hate that inflamed feeling at the back of my nose, it’s bugging the hell out of me I can neither eat nor talk without aggravating it );

Dear God pls help );


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